Ramencon 2014

(photographer of the first three are by Kaminsky Kandids Photography)

With DC Douglas going to the con, I couldn’t resist bringing back my very old cosplay just one last time. Saturday I was RE1 Jill, and boy, that was quite interesting.

I was having a free private photo shoot and, with a stroke of luck, DC Douglas showed up and decided to join me (that was super sweet of him too, I was a bit surprised).

Saturday night was DC’s erotic fan fiction reading panel. I went to it before at Anime Midwest, but I did not participate. This time I got to join in on reading Wesker/Jill and god was that really embarrassing, I had to moan say many interesting things. I tried my best during the whole thing and people came up to me and said I did amazingly (which I don’t know how to react to cause that can imply many things). In a weird way, doing this really helped me. I challenged myself by stepped outside my comfort zone. Yes, I was heavily intimidated and nervous, but I’m glad I chuckled and smiled through the whole thing. I’m proud of myself. After the panel I had him sign my copy of Resident Evil.

If he is coming to a con near you, PLEASE go to the panel (obviously 18+). It’s hilarious, it’s fun, and there’s a high chance you’d cry from laughing. Challenge yourself and read along with him, I promise you won’t regret it.

As the Wesker that read as Spencer. I felt you handled yourself just fine. It’s rather hard to not crack up XD.

So this past weekend of Ramencon 2014 my fried and I did a RE6 Leon and. Ada shoot. When suddenly out of nowhere a wild DC Douglas appeared and photo bombed the photo shoot. Here are the before and afters lol. Picture taken by Eddie B Photography.
Ada Wong LollipopAssassian
Leon Kennedy is myself
With DC Douglas