My prototype salts bottle can do the vigor colors too



{Photoshoot 1 - Touko/Hilda & Mei/Rosa - Cosplacon 2014}

This was one of the highlights of Cosplacon for me, taking pictures with the lady who got me into cosplay in the first place. I’ve been looking up to her since I was in middle school, I’ve met her and hung out with her multiple times, and now, not only did I get to take pictures with her in my favorite cosplay ever, I think I can safely say that I’m a friend of hers. So thanks a ton Malindachan for this opportunity, I genuinely appreciate it sweetie.~ <3

Touko/Hilda/White - Me [Touko Mana Cosplay]
Mei/Rosa - Malindachan [deviantART] [Facebook]
Photographer - My lovely boyfriend, Vi [who also uses the T.S.M. Photography moniker, as per his request]
Edits - Me

Awesome PoKeMoN photo shoot